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RELAX, CALM the Mind, REST the Body  (Retiring)

RELAX, CALM the Mind, REST the Body (Retiring)



Calm the Mind

Rest the Body 

Renewed Spirit


Crystal Energy Intention Wand

by Peace & Laughter



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  • Crystal Blend


    Blue Lace Agate


    Green Aventurine



    Clear Quartz




    Do you ever feel like your mind itself is stressed from all the things that it has to focus on, or multitask throughout the day?

    Or, try to go to sleep and all you can do is think about what you need to do when you wake up or what you did or didn't do that day?

    Or, find yourself or your children in "go mode" all the time?

    Are you living a 24 hour day in less than 10 hours? 

    Are you a student, who's also juggling work or a full schedule?

    This wand is for you!!

    Wonderful for a calming during the day or end of evening Crystal Elixir. Utilize the wand in a your drinking water, a warm glass of milk, a cup of tea, decaf coffee, etc. 

    Calming, great for meditation, or to keep it next to the bed to help relax and put your mind at ease.

    Swirl the wand in your bathwater, infusing the water while you're in the bathtub or just prior to entering.

    Lay the wand on your chest, focusing on your breathing.

    Hold for meditation, insight.

    Stuck on a creative venture, hold the wand and visualize the next steps.



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    Each Peace & Laughter Crystal Energy Intention Wand comes with a laminated product hangtag that includes the intention and crystal blend, and an instructional card.

    *Please note, due to limitations in crystal supplies, a crystal in the blend may be substituted. Should this take place, the Intention will remain the same and the hang tag will reflect the change.

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