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Crystal Energy IntentionTM | Peace & Laughter

The CRYSTAL ENERGY INTENTIONTM WANDS, are powerful, intention-based, crystal blends sealed in a convenient and easy-to-use glass vial. The crystals inside the wand have all been cleared, cleansed, infused with Reiki and made with great intention and love by Cheryl.

The Crystal Energy Intention Wand will enhance one's daily life in a variety of ways, to create crystal elixirs or gem water,

laid on the body for energy work, held for insight and inspiration, viewed for color therapy, used as a magical tool, and

strategically placed in your surroundings or environment.

Whether your intention is abundance, health, relationships, ease of mind, peace, calm, protection, etc.,

there is a wand for you.

Cheryl can also intuitively craft a wand specific to your needs.

Directions for making crystal elixirs:

Gently insert the sealed Crystal Energy Intention Wand into your drinking vessel.

Beverage can be added before or after.

Allow 3 to 5 minutes for the beverage to be infused with the vibration and energy of the crystals.

The wand can also be added to a large container or pitcher for sharing or infusing larger quantities.

The wand can remain in while enjoying your beverage or be removed.


Best used in drink-ware that is BPA-free.

When using a glass or stainless-steel water bottle, it is recommended to place the Energy Intention Wand in with the cap-side down, infuse beverage, and remove the wand when drinking. 

Benefits of Crystal Elixirs:​

When you place the Energy Intention Wand directly into your drinking vessel, the beverage easily absorbs and integrates the vibration, energetic intention, and healing properties of the crystals, providing benefits on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. 

Crystal Elixirs or crystal energized water can also be used for bathing, cooking, cleaning, watering plants, and infusing your pet's drinking water. 


Do not freeze, boil, or microwave wand.

Fragile, hand-wash. Store with care when not in use. All wands come with a perfectly sized clear box that can be used for storing an individual wand along with the tag.

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