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The Journey of Cheryl Giannelli and Peace & Laughter

Hello and welcome. I’m Cheryl Giannelli and I am a Crystal Intuitive, Spirit Messenger and Energy Healer. I use my Spiritual gifts as a tool for others to provide clarity, insight, and balance in their lives.

I have a wonderfully supportive husband, a fantastic, and spiritually gifted daughter, three terrific stepsons, a dog name Charlie and a cat named Smokey. I have lived in and around the Northern Virginia area since childhood,

My journey started when I was young. I had a high level of sensitivity, which left me feeling drained, uncomfortable or overwhelmed, especially in crowded places, concerts or large social events. At that time, It was hard for me to understand, but now I realize that I was responding to the energy of others and to my surroundings, it is something I am now able to control.

I have always had a strong intuition, knowing. Information and ideas were always flowing. I could see outcomes before the process was started. I had answers to questions, but no idea how I knew them.

Growing up, it wasn’t always easy to communicate things I would see, feel or experience, I had close friends and a supportive family, but I spent much time by myself, easily able to fill my imagination and converse with what I now know to be the spiritual realms.

In my forties, I embarked on my own Spiritual Journey and once I did, everything started to unfold and my life changed. I was set on a track of awakening. Already an avid reader and researcher, I met the perfect mentors, participated in classes and workshops, studied and obtained certifications. My growing tribe was filled with Healers, Shamans, Psychics, Mediums, Messengers, and Palm Readers.

In the Spring of 2018, I went from a successful consulting career as a Corporate Recruiter to starting a spiritual based business. I am dedicated to what I do, I feel it to be an honor to serve both Spirit and my clients. 


My approach is always down-to-earth, authentic, and grounded, so that people from all walks of life and various degrees of spirituality can feel comfortable whether receiving messages, having energy work done or making a purchase with confidence. 

For those who know me through my transformation, I believe they would say that I am still the same individual, but better. I love to laugh, eat chocolate, drink coffee, drop an occasional cuss word or two, but now I am also able to align my personality with my spiritual side. 

Have a peace-filled day,


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