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Readings | Cheryl Giannelli Ashley, Peace & Laughter
Educate, Empower, and Inspire

In the realm of spirituality, you rarely learn anything the conventional way.

Your Guides, Ancestors, and those in or from the Spiritual Realm don't want to provide new beliefs, rules, or information for you to cling to. Instead, they step forward to guide, highlight and help remove that which is in the way, that which separates you from the truth of who you already are and what you already know in the depth of your being. 

You are the vessel; becoming conscious of what is blocking our ability to experience light is important.

This is where we often need additional insight and guidance to continue evolving and progressing on our life journey. However, finding trustworthy and authentic guidance can be difficult, which is where I step in. You need to trust your intuition and decide if scheduling a session or series of sessions is right for you now.

Below, you'll find different paths and avenues to help you:

  • Find direction in your life.

  • Gain insight into your personal affairs (career, relationships, finances, etc.).

  • Overcome blocks, boundaries, and fears that interfere with your power, achieving your goals, and living your life to the highest and best.

  • Awaken your spiritual potential.


Sessions are 75 Minutes, $222.00

(Why $222? Represents self-awareness and self-realization.)

Sessions can be done in person at the boutique, over the phone, or online.


Without any map, we need a guide. Someone who can give us direction has our best interest at heart, points us in the right direction, and addresses the areas we have allowed to get in our way.

A channeled reading combined with Oracle or Tarot cards for guidance and confirmation does just that.

I connect with your Guides, Ancestors, Highest Self, and whoever needs to step forward to provide you with what you need to move toward reconnecting with your true self. The inner journey is the most challenging undertaking that we make. When we start the journey, we make the mistake of using limitations to guide ourselves.

We find ourselves lost, confused and many times discouraged. 

Allow your "Spiritual Team" to help set the course of inner transformation.


It's difficult to see ourselves objectively without all the emotional nuances of a relationship. We will examine your energy in a partnership and how those motivations and actions contribute to your current situation. It is essential to understand your role clearly so that you can embark on the journey toward romantic fulfillment.

The Relationship Session will explore the emotional dynamics between you and your partner (current or future), your expectations and standards of yourself and each other, and how external influences might affect your relationships.  

You'll gain a great insight into how to improve or attract your best relationship.

Do you see your partner for who they indeed are, or do your perception of them change depending on how they make you feel in the moment? We will look at how your actions and thought patterns affect your relationship with others, both positively and negatively.

Your perspective of "normal" in a relationship often stems from the examples you were exposed to while growing up, even if you don't consciously agree. We will examine how your personal experiences and family dynamics have formed how you perceive your relationship. This awareness is critical to make choices that will lead you to your desired outcome.



Crystal divination is an excellent way to connect with one's highest self and intuition. This reading focuses on what is happening in key areas of your life. You will be provided with a bag filled with numerous stones. Upon drawing them, you will then place them on a color grid. I will then intuitively interpret the placement, pattern, and correspondences associating these crystals with the different areas in your life. Any messages received will also be delivered.

The Crystal Divination Session provides outlines and provides both intuitive and visual insight.

If this is your first reading, this is an excellent one to select. Or if you appreciate a more analytical approach.

You do not need to have any familiarity with Stones or Crystals.



Crystal Castings are interactive and full of wisdom. Using a combination of crystals and charms to receive insight and clarity.

Cheryl will intuitively interpret the crystals according to their meaning, placement, and position after the stones and charms have been cast.  Messages received from the crystals, Angelic Realm, and Guides will be presented during the reading.

At the end of the reading, you can shift the energy and remove blockages.

You do not need to have any familiarity with Stones or Crystals.


20-Minute Decision-Making Session


Do you need clarity or perspective on a single issue or have an urgent question?


A 20-minute Decision-Making Session may be just what you need. In this reading, I will assist you with your prepared question by connecting with your Angelic Team, Guides, and Higher Self to provide insight and guidance on the course of action.

This session will normally occur over the phone, but we can arrange it in person.


My preferred means of connection to someone in Spirit is based upon a relationship with that individual. We have individuals throughout our life who have held key roles for us, whether an old friend, neighbor, teacher, family member or loved one. Suppose you are interested in a mediumship session. In that case, I will ask you the name of the individual you are interested in communicating with and/or if you have an object or picture of theirs that you can bring to the reading or send as a picture prior. I do not need to know any other information.  The invitation has been created, they are excited to connect with you, and you are looking forward to spending time again with that individual. Others may also step forward to provide a message, but we will focus on the person and any healing that needs to be done through the session. 

​Please email Cheryl at or fill out the form below if you would like to schedule a reading or have questions regarding a reading.

Contact Cheryl to schedule a group reading at your home or for work or social functions. 

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