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“Taking action for my Highest Good,” Crystal Energy Wand

When I started making my Wands, which will be coming up on five years, I didn’t envision them representing specific Angels/Archangels/Deities and so on. I am so pleased that ‘they’ believed otherwise.

“Taking action for my Highest Good,” wand was one of those wonderful moments of insight. In making the wand I immediately felt a strong and undeniable connection with Archangel Raphael. Immediately I knew he was calling this in to be ‘his’ Wand.

Archangel Raphael has representation in almost all religions. His name means, ‘he who heals.’ He is the patron saint of the sick, as well the patron saint of those who heal the sick. He assists with both physical and emotional healing. Can call on him for healing, guidance, emotional support and direction.

The wand is filled with: Prehnite, Amethyst, Iolite, Green Aventurine, Quartz, and Selenite.

Prehnite - Helps to connect the heart with the desire. Ensures that our desires are also inline with the highest good possible in each situation. Prehnite is an excellent crystal to use to connect and receive with the higher realms.

Amethyst - One of the most powerful healing crystals. It is also the stone of sobriety, meaning – “what do we need to say no to?”

Iolite – Assists with opening the third eye. Awareness, and communication with the higher realms. Iolite also provides energetic links with the brain and heart, helping us to move forward on our path. Solution oriented crystal.

Green Aventurine – Helps to reveal what makes us happy or unhappy. It fortifies our self-determination and individuality.

I utilize clear Quartz in almost all of my wands, as an amplifier, it lifts the energy of all crystals.

Selenite is also in almost all of my wands, for Divine Guidance and to keep everything energetically cleared and cleansed in the wand.

I hope you enjoy this wand as much as I do. If you wanted a partner wand, I would also recommend the Archangel Michael wand to work in conjunction with clearing away fears and other stressors.


I hope your day is filled with peace & laughter,



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