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Unakite, Nature and Listening to the Divine

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

It's never just about crystals for me. It goes so much deeper, it is the interaction, the stories, the conversations that spark because of a crystal.

I was at a the Pearl Spa for an event they were hosting,"The Gathering." It all started out innocent enough - a Grandmother and her Grandson stopped at my booth. They were looking at the Crystal Energy Wands and talking about them when I greeted and asked if I could answer any questions. It quickly became apparent that her grandson, a young adult with a huge smile, enjoyed crystals and he was sharing that side of himself with her. The Grandmother listened and she nodded. A bracelet caught her eye and she asked what the stone was, I told her it was a Unakite and in discussing some of the metaphysical properties, I mentioned it having a connection with Nature. That's when I got the nudge from Spirit and I heard, "talk to her more about being outside and Nature."

We started talking about trees! Let me tell you, her eyes lite up, her stature changed, she had as big of a smile as her grandson did. She is a true tree lover. She talked about how much she enjoys looking at them, and is amazed by their growth, and how long they can live. Outside of her reaction, the next best part, her grandson's reaction, he was just smiling and listening to her.

It didn't matter at that point what the grandson knew about his grandmother, a new connection between the two of them had been made. He said he had no idea his grandmothers joy to the simple beauty of trees.

I truly believe Divine intervention brought them to The Gathering. I hope they plan a drive to Skyline or somewhere where trees and being able to enjoy being outside are prevalent. I also trust when she wears her unakite bracelet she will remember that special day when her and her grandson experienced something more than they expected - they learned something new about each other that day.


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