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Serpentine, Tumbled

Serpentine, Tumbled


Serpentine, Tumbled


    Serpentine, Tumbled

    • A stone of motivation, inspiration, and creativity;
    • Connects you to Nature and animals;
    • Encourages the healthy flow of energy throughout the emotional and physical bodies;
    • Restores and replenishes your energy;
    • Can be used to attract what you want into your life: abundance, prosperity, love, healing;
    • One of the best stones for stirring the kundalini energies, "the serpent power" said to reside at the base of the spin;
    • Serpentine activates each chakra and emerges from the Crown;
    • Good stone to place on the meridian points for clearing blocked energies and allow the a healthy, natural flow to be restored;
    • Acts as a recorder of Earth changes and shifts;
    • Powerful stone for Earth healers, communication with Nature and the Earth - including animal, plant and stone communication.

    Element: Earth

    Chakra: All





    • SIZE

    This listing is for one tumbled Serpentine, approximate size is 1.0 - 1.5"

    Each stone may vary in size, shape, color and pattern.


    Prior to shipping your items will be cleansed, cleared, and then charged with Reiki energy.

    Packaging will include information regarding the properties of the stone.

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