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Hematite, Tumbled




#hematite #grounding #detoxifying #rootchakra #crystals #protection #earth


    • Hematite is one of the most effective stones for grounding oneself in the body and the physical world;
    • Helps refocus your thoughts and actions, while guiding you on the right path:
    • Transform negative energies into a more positive vibration;
    • Calms in times of stress or worry;
    • Lends one strength, courage and fortitude for moving through adversity;
    • Activates the root charka;
    • Helps to contain unwanted forces, energetic blocks and psychic attacks;
    • Excellent stone for detoxifying negative energies, provides balance.

    Color: Gray, Silver, Metallic

    Chakra: Root

    Element: Earth



    • SIZE

    Listing is for one Hematite tumbled stone, approximate size 1"

    Size is approximate and may vary slightly from piece to piece.


    Prior to shipping your items will be cleansed, cleared and then charged with Reiki energy.

    Packaging will include information regarding the properties of the stone.


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