I am Love! Crystal Energy Wand

I am Love! Crystal Energy Wand


I am Love

I am Prosperous

I am Limitless


Crystal Energy Wand

by Peace & Laughter




(Limited Edition)


Mantra that I crafted several years ago,

"I am Love" who we are

"I am Prosperous" in all things

"I am Limitless" because we are


Bless yourself with this Mantra


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    Strawberry Quartz



    Rutilated Quartz

    Rose Quartz


    Goldenrod (plant)






    I wrote this Mantra several years ago:

    "I am Love" who we are

    "I am Prosperous" in all things

    "I am Limitless" because we are

    This wand was created when a customer of mine said how much she enjoyed reciting the mantra above and asked if I could make a wand that instills those words. I took me sometime to create the blend, because I wanted it to reflect the essence of the mantra.

    The core of WHO we are is Love, that is what we are brought into this world, in with the energy of pure love and light. As we progress the journey of life, different attributes become attached to us and start to define us. Those attributes can be both positive and sometimes, not as positive in nature. The Divine would still see us as Love.

    I AM Love


    I AM Prosperous applies to the extension of our life in general. I am prosperous in: love, happiness, friendship, family, finances, work, relationships etc. It isn’t defining what we have, but it is defining where we put our importance.

    I AM Prosperous


    The sense of limitation can be placed on us by friends, family, other relationships. However, the biggest limiter is ourselves. We find ourselves defining our lives with, “I can’t, I am unable, I don’t know, I don’t understand, I am not qualified” etc.

    I AM Limitless





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    Each Peace & Laughter Crystal Energy Wand comes with a protective storage box, product hangtag that includes the intention and crystal blend, and an instructional card


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