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The natural formation, non-tumbled

Found in the Dominican Republic

Light blue with white patterning




    Larimar is a newly discovered stone, officially named in 1972 by a volunteer who found a specimen on the beach in the Dominican Republic. The locals believed that the stone came from the sea and called it "Blue Stone" however the volunteer named the stone after his daughter Larissa 'Lari" and the Spanish word for sea 'mar' due to its blue color that resembles the Caribbean Sea.

    • Believed to have strong ties to Atlantis and that if you meditate with Larimar you are able to connect to the lost civilization;
    • Strong connection with the throat chakra, helping one to find their own truth by opening and listening to your heart as well as accessing ancient knowledge;
    • Considered the Soul Mate stone and will assist in drawing your Soul Mate to you;
    • Releasing negative energies between couples;
    • A calming stone that helps to bring peace and balance to your life, bringing one a more positive outlook.

    Element: Water and Air

    Chakras: Throat


    • SIZE

    This listing is for one intuitively selected small natural Larimar stone.

    Each stone may vary in size, shape, color, and pattern


    Prior to shipping your items will be cleansed, cleared, and then charged with Reiki energy.

    Packaging will include information regarding the properties of the stone.

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