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Mother Mary, Energy Intention Wand

Mother Mary, Energy Intention Wand


Love & Light

Healing, nurturing energy

Safe and at Peace

Mother Mary


Crystal Energy Intention Wand

by Peace & Laughter




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    Rose Quartz

    Pink Aventurine

    Pink Botswana Agate

    Mother of Pearl

    Rose Petals


    Love & Light

    Healing, nurturing energy

    Safe and at Peace

    Mother Mary

    Crystal Energy Wand


    The first time I made this wand the focus was around, 'love and light", the second time I made the wand I felt the immediate presence of Mother Mary, and was so overcome with a feeling of love, I knew this wand was to be named after her.

    When individuals hold this wand, many feel an immediate sense of peace, love, and healing. Many are overcome with different emotions.

    When I see Mother Mary, she always shows herself as cradling an infant, her healing goes back into our childhood and through all stages of our life. The Divine Mother offers compassion, hope, encouragement. 

    This is a lovely wand to use for meditation, and for insight and guidance.

    In times of grief, many have found comfort just hold and in being with Mother Mary Wand.

    For healing, to lay the Mother Mary Wand on the body is very powerful and also soothing.

    Excellent for children and infants, especially those that are seeking comfort or have difficulty through the day or getting to sleep at night.

    I have had many who are having surgical or medical treatments utilize the Mother Mary to provide comfort and healing.




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    Each Peace & Laughter Crystal Energy Intention Wand comes with a laminated product hangtag that includes the intention and crystal blend, and an instructional card.

    *Please note, due to limitations in crystal supplies, a crystal in the blend may be substituted. Should this take place, the Intention will remain the same and the hang tag will reflect the change.

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