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Pink Botswana Agate

Pink Botswana Agate


Pink Botswana Agate, Tumbled

"Stone of change"



    • Welcome romance or a new relationship;
    • Assist with heartache and grief;
    • Gentle and loving vibration;
    • Comforting, ease pain;
    • Calming in stress-filled situations;
    • Soothing energy will help one work through pain or loneliness, that comes with loss, grief, or heartache;
    • Pink Botswana Agate will invite you to see the bigger picture, find solutions to your own problems, and be more proactive about your life. 
    • Highly useful when it comes to balancing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies and ensuring that they are working in harmony;
    • The "eye" formation is considered to be lucky;

    Quartz family of banded chalcedony

    Banded in shades of gray, ivory and pink, as well some layers may have a soft apricot or brown shade,

    Element: Earth

    Chakra: Heart


    • SIZE

    This listing is for one tumbled Pink Botswana Agate measuring approximately .75 - 1"

    Size is approximate, each stone may vary in size, shape, color and pattern. 


    Prior to shipping your items will be cleansed, cleared, and then charged with Reiki energy.

    Packaging will include information regarding the properties of the stone.



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