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Rhodonite, Pink, or salmon pink in color usually with varying sizes of black patches, veins.


    Rhodonite is excellent for working with matters of the heart, helps one to relax, calms children, teenagers and adults.

    In Feng Shui, Rhodonite balances yin and yang energies.

    • Relation emotional wounds, especially ones involving relationships. Helps to prepare the heart to welcome in new love; 
    • Increases self-assurance and overcome feelings of inadequacy;
    • Transmits positive energy;
    • Helps one to examine innermost emotions to determine what it is that you truly need or desire in your life.

    Element: Earth

    Chakras: Heart


    • SIZE

    This listing is for one intuitively selected Rhodonite

    Each stone may vary in size, shape, color, and pattern


    Prior to shipping your items will be cleansed, cleared, and then charged with Reiki energy.

    Packaging will include information regarding the properties of the stone.

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