Pain Management

Pain Management, Crystal Energy Wand


Pain Management, 

Comfort, Ease



Crystal Energy Wand,

by Peace & Laughter






    Amethyst/Rose Quartz/Clear Quartz/Selenite


    Lapis Lazuli



    Smokey Quartz





    I originally created this wand for a family member who was experiencing pain due to chemotherapy treatments. All of my wands address both the emotional as well as the physical symptoms and this is no different. It was important to mix the amethyst/citrine/selenite at the very top of the wand, Amethyst is a great healer and Citrine helps us to focus on what we wand. Selenite provides Divine Guidance, healing, cleanser. 

    Wonderful wand as an elixir, but also to place on areas of discomfort, hold, use as a massage tool to roll over the body.



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    Each Peace & Laughter Crystal Energy Wand comes with a protective storage box, product hangtag that includes the intention and crystal blend, and an instructional card

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