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MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, Energy Intention Wand

MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, Energy Intention Wand






Energy Intention Wand

by Peace & Laughter



#prosperitycrystals #crystalsforwealth #showmethemoney


    Green Apatite




    Green Calcite


    3 Quartz Points

    Clear Quartz



    Money, is part of our life, whether it is for debt, security, investment, or survival. 

    Maybe you have a new hobby you want to pursue; a project that needs financing; looking to buy a house, moving to a new area, planning the perfect vacation, or even starting a new business. 

    Financial stress is also a common problem among many people, we can also quickly find ourselves in situations of lack: economic turmoil, bills that we didn't expect, loans, overspending, medical situations can arise, a number of different situations can lead us to financial hardship and stress.

    The Money, Money, Money Energy Intention Wand was created to experience more financial prosperity and flow. To open one to receive more, and to embrace a positive, healthy relationship with money.

    There are so many different ways to utilize this Wand in addition to creating a gem water/elixir

    This wand can be utilized in a grid; 

    Looking for an increase in your salary, lay this wand upon your resume or keep it within your workspace;

    Place wand on top of bills/debt in a space where you can bless and envision the money easily flowing in; 

    Wrap money around the wand, inspiring more opportunities for money to come your way.

    And so much more..


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    Each Peace & Laughter Crystal Energy Intention Wand comes with a laminated product hangtag that includes the intention and crystal blend, and an instructional card.

    *Please note, due to limitations in crystal supplies, a crystal in the blend may be substituted. Should this take place, the Intention will remain the same and the hang tag will reflect the change.

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