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Yin / Yang, Energy Intention Wand (Retiring)

Yin / Yang, Energy Intention Wand (Retiring)


Yin / Yang


Crystal Energy Intention Wand

by Peace & Laughter



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  • Crystal Blend


    Green Quartz


    Strawberry Quartz


    Zebra Jasper





    Tigers Eye


    I do love it when I get different requests, and the idea of a Yin / Yang wand came about from the wonderful owner of The Giving Goat Crystal Shop in South Dakota. 

    In Chinese philosophy, there are two primary principles. The Yin and the Yang, referencing opposite sides, elements, or extremes.  According to, "The universe is governed by a cosmic duality, sets of two opposing and complementing principles or cosmic energies that can be observed in nature."

    These forces include dark and light, male and female, sun and moon, etc.

    Yin is an inward feeling that is feminine.

    Yang is an outward feeling that is masculine.

    These forces are not meant to be opposing forces, they are meant to be in balance, to complement, and support each other. When one force overrides the other, it causes the other to weaken.

    Hence, for me, it was important to blend the energies of the crystals together, versus having them layered and separate.

    The wand can be used in the home, on the body, to create a crystal elixir, or infuse for a room spray - etc., The Yin / Yang Wand is designed to provide balance, and support the forces so there are complementary energies, not opposition.

    Excellent wand for those that practice or support Chinese Medicine, Feng Shui, etc. Wonderful wand to move around from room to room in one's home or environment for alignment and balance.


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    Each Peace & Laughter Crystal Energy Intention Wand comes with a laminated product hangtag that includes the intention and crystal blend, and an instructional card.

    *Please note, due to limitations in crystal supplies, a crystal in the blend may be substituted. Should this take place, the Intention will remain the same and the hang tag will reflect the change.

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