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Think Peace

You may already be aware, but if not, I wanted to let you know. I recently opened the Peace & Laughter Holistic Boutique in Haymarket, VA. I am over the moon thrilled. I love how one of my friends describes the location as if I now have a Holistic Hallmark-like boutique.

(I do love the show, The Good Witch, on the Hallmark channel)

I was included in their campaign to Shop Small, Shop Local, Shop Haymarket. I wanted to share the video with you. It was important for me to create a space of community, a place where one can come in and visit and look around, shop, feel included, feel safe and inspired, just relax and be at ease. I hope you can come and visit. And, if you are out of the area, and you would like to schedule a Video Shopping Appointment, we can do so.

I am at, 14950 Washington Street, #104 Haymarket, VA 20169

I appreciate you so much!

Cheryl, Peace & Laughter

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