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Spring within me

As we emerge from winter into the freshness of Spring.

We can look to the earth, and or nature to see the dormancy.

We know beneath the soil remains life-forms waiting to be released.

What has silently and patiently waited to transform?

We see trees bare, and if we looks closely we see buds just starting. We start to see bulbs that we may have forgotten about come out.

An influx of birds start to arrive from warmer regions.

Sure, we may sneeze a little more, throat maybe a little scratchy. In the end, that also tells us there is growth all around.

We think about how we will soon put away our heavy coats, tuck away heavy sweaters, and thick socks.

We may plan for our own change on the outside. We may seek to get a new wardrobe, to do our hair differently, to plan for outdoor adventures.

What about our own dormacy? What are we keeping within us?

What do we need to allow to blossom within ourselves?

What have we planted within ourselves that either needs to bloom or needs to be released?

What thoughts have we harbored and cloaked?

We need to allow for our own internal transformation.

I started this year with so many wonderful ideas, only to put a stop due to some health concerns. However, none of those ideas have left me, they are all stored inside. Maybe my timeline has shifted, but same as with spring we get to see highlifts of the change before the actual day. My ideas will and are being birthed, in a new fresh way.

Don't bury who you are, don't harbor what you need to release.

Uncover what needs to be uncovered, just like the ground sometimes it is just a few leaves in the way before we see the new life.

....shameless plug, my specialty is working with individuals and seeing beyond the surface. Let's start with hanging up your coat. Whether it is a Home Clearing and Blessing, or Reiki - our physical body's clearing and blessing, or messaging for guidance, direction and support.


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