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Power of Words

I really enjoying the opportunity to be at different festivals or expos. I appreciate the connections and conversations. This weekend was no different, I was at a two-day show in Pennsylvania, was having a wonderful show, seeing lots of new individuals, prior customers and other vendors that I hadn't seen in awhile. I am very particular about making certain that what I bring with me is of the highest vibration, for the highest and best good of all involved, myself and the individuals that will be bringing them home.

Sunday afternoon, I had several friends come by my booth who were at the expo together. We had wonderful conversations and they each bought three Crystal Energy Wands. Within the hour, they stopped by again to see if a stone had been accidentally left at my booth. One of the women was almost certain that she laid it down when she was looking at the different wands. I explained I hadn't seen the item, She showed me a picture and it was nothing similar to anything I happen to sell. Just to be certain, we looked under the table and around. Quite forcibly she touched the area where she was certain she had placed her stone.

I took out my pendulum to see if I could get some insight on where the item might be. One of the questions I asked was whether or not the item could be outside. It did come back as a "yes," it could be outside. And in fact, the friends mentioned she had been talking to someone outside. The other questions were receiving a "No" answer. Another question was could someone else possibly have found the item. It can back as a possible yes - now pendulums are not always right and can be sometimes be influenced by strong emotions.

Understandably the possibility that someone may have her stone was upsetting and it caused a combination of both distress and anger. She explained, she had been gifted the stone by someone who meant a great deal to her, however as it turned out, the item itself carried very strong emotions. She explained it had come from the grounds of one of the the most bloodiest of battlefields. This is a stone that had seen grief, fear, confusion and been around horrific deaths. For her it brought comfort, however all of those negative energies can remain in the stone. I really believe it was the emotions that were held in that stone that then prompted her to say some very upsetting things towards someone who may have picked up her stone. She said she was going to go home and left feeling flustered and upset. Her friends proceeded to tell me they were going to keep looking around.

We now have a combination of the the power of the spoken work mixed with an item that also carried with it strong emotions - equaling a perfect storm. The definition of a perfect storm: a particularly bad or critical state of affairs, arising from a number of negative and unpredictable factors. The problem with the perfect storm, is it is so good, we don't always see the possible harm until we are in the midst.

I myself was shaken by the things said. A women who had been by my booth earlier walked up just as the conversation had ended. She kept looking around my table and finally said, "what happened"? She wasn't aware of anything that had just transpired. She said, "the energy around your booth is different, it felt so good before, I just wanted to come back". But now she said, it was different, I quickly cleared my booth, and she indicated it felt a little better. She left and a few minutes later, the friends of the women returned to say, the stone had been found.