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Welcome to the Peace & Laughter Blog

Hello and welcome to the online version of Peace & Laughter!! Whew is all I can say! Thank goodness I was able to work with someone that could take my vision, mix it with their vision and here we have it. Will there be changes, adjustments, a couple of glitches - OF COURSE - because that is how life is, correct? We see what works and we move in that direction, we edit what doesn't and things just go smoother.

Here is what is important to know - I LOVE what I do and I don't want the online side of me to take over the in person side of me. I want you to feel comfortable to reach out to me. I want to address questions that you may have.

My plan, in moving forward - I plan to do podcasts, more videos, post more products, there will be a resource page, a forum for you to comfortably ask questions..let me know what you would also like to see or services that you need.

In the meantime, I am beyond thrilled to have you here and to join me on this wonderful journey.

With this, I send you blessings full of Peace & Laughter, Cheryl